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VoiceMe · Designing a conversational app

Year: 2021
Product: Mobile App
Role: UI Designer. User flows, Wireframes, High-fidelity prototype, Motion design, User testing, Copywriting, Design system.

Project summary

Voice Me is an AI startup focused on making the human voice the next authentication factor.

I collaborated as a UI designer with the startup studio incubating this project, which is specialized in AI proprietary algorithms.


The main challenge for me consisted in creating a way for VoiceMe to guide the user in creating a voice profile the first time they access the app. Since this step needed a high-security level, the user had to input several information, which were taking a considerable amount of time.
Only after that, the voice profile creation could start. In this part, the user had to repeat some sentences displayed on the screen to let VoiceMe memorize their voice. 


In order to engage the user in the whole process, I proposed two UIs, a conversational one a GUI one, and A/B tested them.


During the user testing, we highlighted the following differences:
1. In the conversational iterface, the user would spend less time inserting their data, since the chat structure gave them the rhythm and captured their attention more.
2. In the non-conversational interface the breakpoint between inserting data and creating a voice profile was perceived as more evident, since the content of the screens turned from inputs to fill to sentences to repeat, which in the end gave the user the impression to have gone through a longer process.
3. Finally, the most important aspect was that users felt less awkward speaking out loud in the conversational environment rather than in a non-conversational one. In the words of a tester, “it’s like doing a Whatsapp voicemail in the middle of texting: not so common, but not too uncomfortable”.

After collecting this data, we focused on the conversational app and iterated on that, defining the conversational flow with the relative copy.